While working at the French Embassy in Jakarta in 1980s, Pascal Rey-Herme, a French doctor, became aware of the need to deliver international standards of healthcare to the wider expatriate community and to international organisations in the region. Together with his childhood friend Arnaud Vaissié, they set up a business to provide international standards of medical care and emergency medical assistance in Southeast Asia.

35 years later, our ability to respond to global medical and security situations remains unparalleled, our primary focus for clients is to do everything in our power to ensure an emergency is prevented. Over these years the world has changes and we have changed with it. With us, our clients have pioneered a vast range of preventive programmes designed to put their Duty of Care to practice. 




Our company brings together remarkable people and enables them to be themselves. At International SOS, we offer a great working environment, thanks to our commitment to flexible working, diversity and development.

We celebrate diversity on a global scale. We encourage every colleague to bring their personal best by creating an atmosphere of inclusion and equal support. Our success is the result of diverse ideas, skills and cross-cultural understanding.

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